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Bracketstars  2017 ET Drag Racing Series Points Challenge

will put some skin in the game. who has what it takes!?

~For drag racers who race in the Pacific Raceways Swift Tools ET Racing Series~

A points race within a racing Series for Bracketstars Drag Race Members!

Best first half, best 2nd half!

Add $ to your racing season!  


You are already racing so you could win 2 more ways! Membership kit and newsletters included!

Pay out based on number of entries.

1st Place:$1,050.00,   2nd Place:$525.00,      3rd Place:$262.00,     4th Place $262.00

(Based on 60 entries per class)

Sign up as Bracketstars Drag Race Member $50 per half of season. Racers will compete for regular points at the track. At the conclusion of the 6thth race your total track points will be your standing in the Bracketstars Points Series. Trophies and Pay Outs will be awarded. Then racers will be able to sign up for second half points ($50). At the conclusion of the 11th race points earned between the 7th and 11th race will determine winners for trophies and pay outs again. Racers must sign up by the end of the second race of the series. Points will be posted periodically on 70 percent payout. Balance of buy in goes to membership dues. 1st Place =50% of total purse. 2nd place = 25% of total purse. Remaining 25% of purse to be divided between 3rd and 4th place finishers. In event of tie purse for that place is divided equally. Bracketstars has final say in payout division in event of tie.  Must have minimum of 15 cars to constitute a class. If you are in a class with less than 15 entries you will be placed in the class that has the least amount of entries. No cancilations of membership allowed after first race is run. Racers must buy tack entry for points and race under Pacific Raceways rules. Bracketstars operates independently from Pacific Raceways.

Race dates first half: 

Race dates second half:

Your 2015 Bracketstars Second Half Drag Race Winners!
These racers will all receive trophies and money!
1st) Paul Young 194 Points $150

2nd) Ken Okeefe 192 Points $75

3rd) Randy Brown 173 Points $37.50

4th) Martin Lambert 161 Points $37.50

Congratulations to all winners!